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Competition Information

Gernal Info

General Information

Providing a family friendly and safe environment is our number one priority at each ATTACK event. Any team or person that displays unsportsmanlike conduct  will be removed from the event (i.e. arguing with a coach or judge).


Outside food and drinks are prohibited at the venue. Refreshments will be available onsite.

Competitors must be registered with a team to compete. If you have any questions please contact your studio/gym owner.

Competitors will be called to the warm-up approximately 30 minutes prior to their competition time. They are permitted to work through 1 pass at a time during their rotation to ensure all athletes receive equal time. ATTACK Staff will oversee the warm up space as well as escort all students to their competition mat. 


Parents are not permitted in the warm up are or judging tables. We ask that you find a seat at the venue, cheer on your team and enjoy the experience!


Competition Fees

Studio Owners; please fill out the following form to receive competition fee information.



Compulsory Panel Mat Tumbling - Levels Tiny Tot - 10

Power Tumbling Passes - Level 9.0-10.0

Mini Trampoline Passes - Level 1-4 

Acro/Dance Showcase - open to all registered studios


Judging Guidelines

ATTACK Judging scores are based on 3 components; Technique, Body Lines and General Impression. With a perfect score of 30 (or 75 for acro/dance), points are deducted by .1 to 1 full point based on execution of the routine that day. Score sheets will be available for coaches to pick up at the conclusion of the event.

**All routines are recorded with live judging critiques.

Deductions include the following for Technique and Body Lines (15 points total):

Failure, omission or addition of a trick, repeating a missed trick, going the wrong direction during a pass, bent arms or legs, balancing errors, extra steps into or out of a trick, failure to stay in a straight line on the mat, not presenting at the conclusion of the routine and walking off the end of the mat after completion of the routine.

Deductions include the following for Overall Impression (5 points total):

Our judges are looking for smiles, personality, confidence, continuity of routine and knowledge of the routine and execution. Points will be deducted for competitors that do not have a strong performance.

Deductions include the following for Routine Memorization and Completion (10 points total):

Our judges are looking for performers to fully complete all passes during their performance with no assistance from coaches or spectators. Performers that have assistance with memorization or skill completion will be deducted 1 full point per skill will a maximum deduction of 5 for a fully assisted routine. 

Mini Trampoline and Power Tumbling

In addition to the guidelines listed above judges will be looking for skill height and a clean landing (no double jumps)

Acro Dance Routines

Acro Dance Routines are judged based on the following guidelines: Technique (30 points), Showmanship (20 points), Choreography (10 points), Degree of Difficulty (5 points), Costume (5 points) and Age-Appropriate Performance (5 points).



18 and older $7 per person

6 - 17 $5 per person

5 and younger Free

*Competitors and Coach's do not pay an admission fee.

*Discounted rates are available through Team Pre-Purchase.



Competitors will be grouped by level (in all 3 categories) and age for awards ceremonies. Awards will take place at the conclusion of the event.

The TOP 5 Competitors for each level (in all 3 categories) will receive a placement award. All other competitors will receive a participation award. In the event the group is larger than 10 the ATTACK team will split the groups to ensure all competitors have a positive experience.

Acro/Dance routines will be awarded Top 3.

Handstand Walk Challenge is sponsored by the Tumbling Effect. Competitors can register for this event onsite for a $1 donation to be gifted to a local charity in that area. Groups will be divided by age and prize will be awarded.

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